Research assistant

Bayamon, United States

The importance of title research in the safe acquisition of real estate.

Before starting your application you must take this information into account:

Title research plays a critical role in the real estate acquisition process. Ensuring the legality and authenticity of a property title is crucial to protecting the rights of buyers and avoiding potential legal conflicts in the future. In this regard, title investigators play a crucial role by conducting thorough and thorough analyzes of legal documents related to the property. This section aims to delve into the relevant aspects of property title investigation, its impact on legal security and the importance of having highly trained professionals in this area.

Customer relationship
Personal evolution
Administrative work
Technical knowledge


  • Analyze the entire cycle of quotes, sales, payments.
  • Analyze Property Inscriptions 
  • Write Written Reports 
  • Create Property Studies reports
  • Make visits to the Property Registry.
  • Visual Inspection of Neighborhoods and Farms.

Should have

  • Grado Asociado o Barchillerato
  • Researcher Certificate
  • Good conduct certificate PPR
  • Valid work permit 
  • Desktop or Notebook Computer
  • High Speed Internet Connection 15mps+ 

It will be valued

  • Experiences 
  • Spoken Languages
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application

Los temas que trabajaras

Mortgage Law and Property Registry, Presentation in the Registry, Registry Data (property, volume, folio and municipality), Principles of Powers, Inheritance and related Wills, foundations of Marriage, Community and private properties, Types of Easements, Rights real estate, Notarial Law of Puerto Rico, Condominium Law, State and Federal Lien Volume, Judgment Volume, Mortgages, Index of Persons and Forms, Eviction and Leasing, AGORA System and Registry ToolKey, among other topics.

Every employee has the opportunity to see the impact of their work. He can make a real contribution to the success of the company.

The benefits of being an independent contractor: freedom and flexibility in your professional career

Being an independent contractor offers a number of benefits that appeal to many professionals looking for freedom and flexibility in their career. First, independent contractors have the freedom to choose the projects they want to work on, allowing them to select those that align with their interests and strengths. In addition, they have greater autonomy to establish and negotiate the terms. This gives them the opportunity to control their income and have higher earning potential. There is also the advantage of having flexible work schedules, allowing independent contractors to manage their time based on their personal and professional needs. Finally, being an independent contractor provides the opportunity to diversify work experience by working on a variety of projects and with different clients, which contributes to professional growth and expanding your network. In short, being an independent contractor offers benefits such as freedom of choice, financial autonomy, flexible hours, and opportunities for professional growth. 

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