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Welcome to! We invite you to explore and learn more about our property title research services for all 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico. Our studies are based on data obtained from the Puerto Rico Property Registry, a dependency of the Department of Justice. ¡Bienvenidos a! Los invitamos a visitar y conocer más acerca de nuestros servicios de investigación de títulos de propiedad para los 78 municipios de Puerto Rico. Nuestros estudios están basados en datos obtenidos del Registro de la Propiedad de Puerto Rico, una dependencia del Departamento de Justicia.

Simplified Process

The property study process begins with a detailed analysis of the data of the farm or property, identifying it in the registration system based on the information provided by the client. Subsequently, we acquired the original Registry inscriptions, detailing the annotations made by the registrar. This study also includes the collection of registry data, legal registry description, and how the current owner acquired the property, in addition to reviewing the charges based on their origin or nature. Finally, we conduct a search for state and federal embargoes, culminating in the delivery of the study and registration within 3-5 business days, available via email, fax or online. This process ensures a complete and detailed understanding of the property's registration status.

What does our Title Studies service consist of?


The client sends the study request. 

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The customer makes the payment. 

Investgation & Analysis

The property title is investigated through the registrations.

Report and Delivery


We provide our service to all of Puerto Rico

We provide our service to the entire island including Vieques and Culebras.

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1 Part
Verify Data

Farm or Property Data Analysis

​During this stage we will seek to identify the property in the registry system with the data provided by the client. (Eg. Name of the owner, Name of the past owner, Pin or Location of the Property, Cadastre Number, Copy of the deed where the registration description is indicated)

Buy Folios

Buy  Inscripciones 

We will acquire the original registrations of your property in the Registry, said registrations contain the annotations by hand or on the computer made by the registrar at the time of registering a transaction.

​Registry data of the farm

The registry data of the farm is known as the farm number, demarcation and section, in said location are the inscriptions of the property under study.


Registration Description

This is the legal description of the property, said description describes the location, size and adjoining (north, south, east, west) of the property under study.

5 Part

Acquisition - How did the owner acquire?

​In this section we indicate how the current owner acquired the property.



These are the charges such as, for example, (Easement in favor of LUMA Energy, Easement in favor of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, Easement in favor of CLARO)


These are the charges such as, for example, (Mortgages as Guarantee of Promissory Note, Safe Home Act, Bearer Mortgages)


Documents Presented Pending

Once you acquire the property and take the documents to the registry for registration or through the electronic system, it is received and a seat number is assigned to you. At that time, the registrar will review the documents and if everything is in order, he will proceed with your registration. .

Documents Submitted Notified

After the registrar reviews the documents and notices a mistake, he will proceed to notify the lawyer granted a period of time to correct said mistake.


How do they search for embargoes?

The search is carried out in the Auxiliary Books and the Electronic Search System provided by the Puerto Rico Property Registry through which we enter the name of the Registry Holders and of each and every one of the names of persons that we have found exist at please a document presented but that it is pending registration, then the system tells us if the result was positive (seizures) or negative (no seizures)


State Lien Books

Our search is limited to current books. Eg (State Insurance Fund, CRIM (if it is reported in the system)

Federal Lien Books

Our search is limited to Law 12 of January 12, 2010 and the search for embargoes registered by the Federal Government. (Ex. IRS, Federal Court Decisions)

Title Searh 

This is what the screen that shows the documents related to your transaction looks like. Once completed you can download, print or send to an individual.

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Received Title Search

The estimated delivery of a study is 3-5 business days. If there is any need for face-to-face investigation in the Registry, you will be notified by email or call.

By Email or My Account

You will have the flexibility to receive your study via email, fax or available online through My Account.

Get Help...

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