Navigate safely


a dell laptop computer with a red screen

Keep your antivirus updated:

When you browse the Internet it is essential to have your device safe and up-to-date. There is specialized malware for each of them, so having an antivirus program is essential to protect your online identity and that of your family.

Online purchases:

When you make a purchase through Estudio de Titulo, make sure that the url of the site matches the website where you think you are and that its address begins with

Pay attention to your emails:

Avoid opening emails and/or unknown email links as well as attached documents. Likewise, we must not respond to these emails by providing personal data and access codes to different accounts.

​Use a Wi-Fi network


It is very comfortable for everyone to connect to networks of bars, shopping centers or stores, but we must bear in mind that they are usually not very secure. Information transmitted through public connections can be easily captured by hackers or cyber criminals. 

a close up of the wifi logo on the side of a bus

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